“This is an exciting moment to be in partnership with Lydia as she brings her important work farther out into our world. In these leaden times her artistry, energy, and wisdom ignite love for life in people of all ages and backgrounds. 

I have seen repeatedly how the visionary combining of her music with the Work The Reconnects (WTR), has released cultural creativity in vital response to the cultures of fear and ignorance spreading in our land. Here participants find honesty and strength, as well as spirited community, for facing our current crises head-on. 

These qualities are the essence of what the WTR generates, and as root teacher of that work I rejoice that Lydia is an outstanding and trustworthy facilitator. With her understanding of its theoretical foundations and her skill in guiding practices, the music she interweaves serves to strengthen the Work, while weaving its own magic of joy, praise, and resiliency. Supported by the healing fortitude of music, everyone has a place in the choir. 

I believe Lydia’s mission will serve to inspire positive change for years to come. Her near-decade of studying and co-leading workshops with me have forged her into an invaluable resource for our society. I love to think of all the lives that will be changed and communities enriched by the tours and programs she will provide.


“…thank you, for your work, your music, the songs (my voice is slowly coming back after years
of silence and I’m writing one-line songs of gratitude thanks to you)!!


“and I felt really inspired by what you were doing and not really “saying”- you do things/practices that are trauma-informed (music, breathe work, and grounding) without having to announce that what you are doing is “trauma-informed”. It really inspired me and made me want to step things up…The way that you offer the WTR truly inspires me.”


“I am lingering in the joy of our time together…I loved being in the community with everyone y’all gathered.

Thank you! 

With tears and solidarity in everything we are doing…”


Sending you BIG, BIG, love, gratitude, and appreciation. What you are doing with Singing the Bones is remarkable. I have long sensed that our people are always near to us and show themselves in a plethora of ways. In this class, I have been able to foster that idea and begin to see a path towards sharing it. It has been so uplifting to see your work in action and connect with kindred spirits.”


“Thank you so much for this class and all of your sharing.  Yesterday was an accumulation of so many emotions, but I am so happy to have shared my story. I truly believe in the Music As Medicine project and am excited to see it grow.”


What a privilege to know that there’s a little glimmer of deep time that is this moment.”


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Singing the Bones

Singing the Bones is your opportunity to have a deeper understanding of the cosmologies/myths/stories held within your inherited cultural lineage(s), a deeply medicinal endeavor in our time.


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An ongoing, international group led by Lydia Violet Harutoonian to connect and train facilitators of Joanna Macy's "Work That Reconnects".


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